Monday, December 7, 2009

How Can She?

This a poem about when a friends betrays you and you don't know what you did. It's just feeling like you have no friends . This is a personal experience that happened to me. On the bright side the friend who inspired this masterpiece and I made up, so we're best friends again.

A friend who doesn't trust me
Won't shut up, got us all in trouble
How can she lie to me?
How can she not trust?
How can she?
Lies make you go down there!
One tiny ruins you?
How can she be a friend?
How can she understand?
How can she?
Teaming up with the foe!
A friend, hah!
How can we be friends
If we don't like each other... anoymore
How can we?
Betray me like that!
See if I care!
You're not a friend
I trusted you
How can she?
I gave her a chance
She took advantage of it
You liar!
How could you?


  1. This is great! Put it to some music beats and you can be the next Taylor Swift.

  2. I don't like your blog because I'm pretty stupid so I don't understand it and it look to like u.