Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fake Friend

I guess the title says it all this is a poem about a fake friend. Someone who acts as your friend and when there supposed to show they are they don't.

was last being picked
The feeling makes me sick
Then I'm left in all that dust
Thougth being a friend was a must

Never asked how I feel
Dread going to the mid-day meal
Could I ever be myself?
Makes me feel as imaginary as an elf

I'm starting to see through that fake smile
You've pulled me along for a mile
You're nothing but a fake friend
I believe maybe it's the end

You act like I'll leave soon
I cried so many tears under the moon
In your world i'm always last
Far away form you I'm cast

I'm even ingored on my birthday
What should I say?
I don't want to start anything
I'm grounded with a broken wing

Am I worth caring about?
Your obvious no makes me want to shout
Sometimes I'm left alone
Nothing can cheer me up, not even an ice cream cone

I now recognize that fake laugh
Soon you'll hear my wrath
Every laugh, smile you fake
Tells me i can swim through an endless lake

I know every broken promise or lie
When I ask, you just sigh
You are such a dang fake
Just tell em the truth, for my sake

Go ahead leave me in the dust
Thougth being a friend was a must
Now I'm postive you're a fake friend
The problem can't be mend.

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