Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What it is about/ Through it All

This blog will be about poems. I write poems and I'm posting them here. I would love comments on any poem. Let's start with a new poem i just wrote today, it's called Through it All. The idea of this poem first came from the song Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. The song was so sad, yet inspired me so much. So this poem can tie in with Concrete Angel

Everyday she lives with the pain
She's just trying to stay sane
With every scream she'll hide
There is nothing fun to ride
She tries to cover all the bruises
The fight of life she loses
The fright she has at home
Everywhere she is she just roams.
Through it all
she stands tall
Showing she won't break
Even with every single heart ache
Without anyone who will care
every night she says a hopeful prayer
At school she is just as alone
No one even asks about her broken bone
She just needs a friend
or her life will end
To hear what she's called
any day she just might fall
Through it all
She stands tall
showing she won't break
even with every heart ache
One night sirens ring out
everyone wants to know what it's about
she's wheeled out into the night
Her soul moving toward the light
She tries to hold on
Knowing she'll be done
she breathes all she can
Knowing she'll never have a man
Through it all
She stood tall
showed she wouldn't break
even with every single heart ache

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