Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here is a poem I have been trying to make perfect, from the
message to the words to everything.
So hoping you'll like it.
It's about wanting to break free and just be yourself.
Think of it like being trapped
in the dark all alone and escaping into daylight with friends.
Trapped alone in four boring walls
don't have nothing to play with, not even a ball
So far from anyone
my life shouldn't be done
One day I'll spread my wings
my voice will sing
My story will be told
My heart won't stay cold

One day I'll be me
One day I'll fly free
No one to say stop
not even that cop

Life will put up a wall or two
soon I'll stop hearing a boo
One day everything will be right
No more crying at night

One day no tears will hit the floor
One day there won't be a closed door
I'll find a way
just one day

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